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The Original Handlebar Jack® v2

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The Original Handlebar Jack® is a bicycle repair stand that gives you peace of mind when performing field repairs or routine maintenance on your bicycle while protecting your handlebars, ebike displays, ebike controls and expensive bike accessories. 

We all know that the most common way to repair a flat tire is to flip your bike over onto its handlebars. But what do you do if you own a bike or ebike that has sensitive hardware or expensive accessories that cannot be removed?

Then this simple solution becomes much more difficult. You risk damaging the control systems or other bike accessories. That’s where the Original Handlebar Jack comes in. This premium cycling accessory is a must have for any type of rider.

The Original Handlebar Jack® is great for those looking for useful mountain bike accessories, a space saving bicycle repair stand, bike tire repair, or just to ease your mind while cycling.

The Original Handlebar Jack® simply and securely attaches to your handlebars and adds a 3 1/4 " offset from your handlebars to the ground. This offset protects ebike displays, throttles, and any other handlebar mounted accessory from touching the ground.

A proven tripod design keeps your bike stable while you perform needed repairs. When not in use, Handlebar Jack magnetically locks together making storage a breeze.

The Original Handlebar Jack® v2 features include:

  • NEW Thicker more durable hook and loop strap.
  • NEW integrated detents keep the legs in the open or closed position.
  • NEW Increased strength and durability.

As always produced in the United States using high quality Glass Reinforced Nylon.
Strong N52 neodymium magnets to keep the jacks together.
Bike and personal safety is our main concern.

Please use The Original Handlebar Jack® out of the flow of any traffic and on a level terrain. We are not responsible for any damage due to misuse or accidental damage. If you have any problems with your Handlebar Jack, please contact us right away.

Closed and mated together: 6" x 2" x 2" , 4.2 oz.
Deployed: 3 5/8" tall (each)

We take pride in this product and it’s very important to us to send you the very best, so please note that there may be a delay in delivery to ensure the optimal quality of The Original Handlebar Jack®.

Package Contains: 1 pair ( 2 jacks ) - The Original Handlebar Jacks®

Please refer to our return policy

We ship The Original Handlebar Jack® to the U.S. and Canada. For international shipping please see our list of resellers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 358 reviews
Andy K
Handlebar Jack review

Love them since I ride E-Bikes & like to flip my bike over for repairs & maintenance
Only ting missing in my opinion is when you open that would catch to secure them a little more in the open position sometimes a little challenging now to keep all legs open now
But definitely a great product with miner opportunities

Andy thanks for your feedback. There is detent built in to the legs and they should stay open or close. If you can take a video of what you are experiencing and send it to support we can determine what's going on.

Henry Windham
Potentially Beneficial

I could see where on the road being helpful but using it in my garage on concrete it was not as stable as I expected. I don’t regret having it in my toolbox though.

Ken Binning
Handlebar Jack v2

Resisted for a couple of years....used a "regular" bicycle work stand. Nothing beats the ease of flipping your bike over to work on tires....just like we did as kids. It only became "uncool" when our bars became clobbered with stuff that would be scratched up when you inverted it. The Handlebar Jack cures that ill. As much as I am that guy that brings everything with him on a ride, I do not bring these. These are a "home shop" item. What a gem. Wish I had thought of it.

Daniel Howell
Handlebar Jack

Don’t know they never showed up yet.

I just looked at your tracking number. It shows that your order was delivered. Please reach out if this is not the case.

Thu Dao
Great handlebar.

It's a great product, compact and steady with bike upside down.

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