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Handlebar Jack Extender Kit

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If you Handlebar Jacks need a little boost, then the Handlebar Jack Extenders are what you are looking for.

The Handlebar Jack Extenders increase the clearance height of your jacks by .5 inches.

Based off our testing we recommend only using one pair of extenders with your Jacks.  Anything more may compromise the stability of the Jacks.  Furious Designs and Handlebar Jack is not responsible for any damage incurred if used in different configurations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Thomas Brettner
Nice to have

A perfect addition for anyone that wants to work on their ebike. Small, easy to store and lightweight but does the job.

Gary Maniscalco
Great design

Very happy with the design. I have not used them yet, but don’t see why they would not meet me expectations.

David Heim
Well made, nice to have on a ride, could be a bit taller though.

It’s nice to have on a ride, easing thos thoughts of having to flip my Ebike upside down for repairs on the trip, but two things stood out: It is fairly pricey, and I wish that the extender kit would boost it another half inch or better.

glenn Burch
Handlebar Jack Extender

INGENIOUS is the only word that comes to mind. It is simple, lightweight, small footprint that has two peoces which mesh together for a compact storage solution.Magnets hold them together when stored. I have already used these jacks. I have an Aventon Aventure ebike with all the accessories on the handlebars: headlight, electronic bike display, Bluetooth speaker, rearview mirror, alarm/bell button, and a cell phone holder. These handlebar Jack's lifted the ebike just high enough to clear all of these accessories. The jacks are a breeze to install as well. I couldn't be happier with these Jack's that I now carry in my bike bag located on the rear rack. The price-point is more than reasonable. Andy hit a home run with this product, Would fully expect him to sell a million of these jacks.

Judy McIlroy
A must have…

These definitely make bike maintenance easier!

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