Hook and Loop Strap Upgrade Kit
Hook and Loop Strap Upgrade Kit

Hook and Loop Strap Upgrade Kit

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Hook and Loop Strap Upgrade Kit

Now available is a simple upgrade kit that will replace the top portion of your Handlebar Jacks with the improved attachment system.

The new attachment system features a redesigned top cradle with a hook and loop cinch strap.  The back of the strap features a silicone strip to help the Jacks stay put when attached to your grips or handlebar.

The new top assembly is created with the same high quality ABS plastic.


2- top cradles with cinch straps attached
1 - 2.5m allen wrench


Installation directions:

  1. Use the provided wrench to loosen and remove the top bolt.  Careful not to lose the nut out the bottom of the middle assembly.
  2. Remove the bolt from the top cradle.
  3. Discard the cradle and elastic straps.
  4. Insert the bolt through the new cradle and middle assembly.
  5. Tighten bolt with provided wrench until snug.  The nut on the inside of the middle assembly is a nyloc nut and will hold the bolt securely. Be careful not to over tighten as you may damage the middle assembly.
  6. Enjoy your upgraded Handlebar Jacks!