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Unboxing The Original Handlebar Jack v3! - Handlebar Jack

Unboxing The Original Handlebar Jack v3!

Hi everyone, it's Andy from Handlebar Jack, and today we're going to take a look at the all-new Handlebar Jack Version 3. We'll do a quick unboxing and explore the new features. Let’s get started.

Unboxing Handlebar Jack Version 3:

Here's the box for the original Handlebar Jack Version 3. The first noticeable difference is its size – it's bigger and longer than Version 2. On the back, there are basic instructions to guide you on how to use it. Let's see what's inside.

What’s Inside:

Upon opening, you'll find a personal note from me, along with a QR code. This QR code is crucial; scanning it with your phone or visiting the web address listed will grant you a 6-month free extended warranty on the Handlebar Jack. Additionally, there's a sticker for your water bottle.

Introducing the Handlebar Jack Version 3:

The highlight is the all-new Handlebar Jack Version 3. We've invested at least a year in engineering and prototyping, with all-new tooling. Everything is made in the USA, including injection molding, assembly, and shipping. The Version 3 is taller, integrating extenders directly into the design. The strap is also thicker and stronger compared to Version 2, enhancing security and durability.

Design Improvements:

We've listened to feedback and incorporated features like grip grooves – molded channels in the plastic to improve grip on handlebar grips before flipping your bike. The combination of grip grooves, a sturdy strap, extenders, and high-quality glass-filed nylon construction all contribute to the enhanced design and usability of Handlebar Jack Version 3.

These Jacks are essential for protecting gear on your handlebar, from e-bike screens to grips and accessories. Ideal for quick roadside fixes or comprehensive garage repairs, they ensure your equipment stays safe and elevated, making maintenance a breeze. And remember, Handlebar Jack Version 3 isn't just for e-bikes – it's suitable for every type of bike, from rugged mountain bikes to sleek road bikes.

Eager to get your hands on a pair of Handlebar Jacks? They're available now. Check out the link below for more information.

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