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Making Open Source Face Shields - Handlebar Jack

Making Open Source Face Shields

We are all in this together

Here at Handlebar Jack, giving back is really important to us. COVID-19 is placing a tremendous burden on the healthcare system here in the U.S. and around the world.

We really wanted to do something to help out. Since we have a few 3D printers to make the Original Handlebar Jack, we decided to dedicate one of them to make headbands that could be used for face masks that are in such short supply right now during this crisis.

Along with a friend who is laser cutting face shields, we are able to make these masks and send them to doctors, nurses, and hospitals that really need them.

Unfortunately, making these face shields is not cheap. The cost of the materials to create the headbands and face shields is high.

This is where we need some help. If you are someone who wants to help in this crisis but aren’t sure how, we could really use your support.

Paying for all the materials ourselves is becoming unsustainable.

If you could help us out, we would be able to continue creating the face shields that are so desperately needed. Any amount will do.

Please consider donating to this really important cause. If you are interested, please email, instant message or dm me.

Learn About Prusa Open Source Face Shields

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