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Sessions 73 Reviews the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack - Handlebar Jack

Sessions 73 Reviews the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack

Here is a great Mini Review of the Handlebar Tool Pack from Sessions 73!

Here is what Tim at Sessions 73 said!

Handlebar Jack Tool Pack bicycle saddle bag

"You’ve probably heard me talk about the Handlebar Jack. You know that nifty gadget that attaches to
your handlebars and protects handlebar components while your bike is upside down when you’re fixing
a flat. Now, the Handlebar Jack Company has a Tool Pack that sits safely and securely under your saddle
and is easy to remove with three Velcro attachment points. It has three large pouches to hold all your
essential tools including the Handlebar Jack and one smaller mesh pouch that will let you hold ID cards,
credit cards, tire patches, zip ties, you name it, and it even fits the charger for this compact E-bike. While
the Handlebar Jack Tool Pack is secured under your saddle there is reflective strips to give you better
visibility. Check out where you can pick up the Handlebar Jack and the Tool Pack and
ride prepared for anything."

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