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Jun 26, 2023

Handlebar Jack Review by The Racin-Teach aka Bike Sport Radio

Hey everyone, Andy here! I'm super excited to share something with you today. I recently came across a video review of our product, the Handlebar Jack, and I've got to say, it's pretty awesome. The video, aptly titled "The Handlebar Jack", does a fantastic job of showcasing what our product is all about...

Jun 12, 2023

Random Things' Review of the Handlebar Jack

Hey everyone, Andy here! I recently stumbled upon a video review of my product, the Handlebar Jack, and I couldn't h...

Dec 16, 2022

Sweetcycles Reviews The Tool Pack

Handlebar Jack broke into the cycling scene with their innovative and cleaver bicycle handlebar jacks. These simple tripods attach to each side of your handlebar and allows you to flip your bike over and do repairs at home or on the road. It’s a really cleaver design, accept the question, how are you supposed to carry these. The answer to that is a new tool pack which is a roll up saddle bag with compartments specifically designed to hold the handlebar jack as well as other accessories such as the saddle jack which is a little fabric cover for your saddle. 

Jun 14, 2022

Adventure World's 2022 Product Reviews Are In.

Thank you, Adventure World Magazine, for featuring us in your Summer 2022 Product Reviews! Check it out here:  

Nov 9, 2021

The MTB Lab Reviews The Original Handlebar Jack

MTB Lab picked up one of our Original Handlebar Jack bike repair stands.  Here's what they had to say about it...

Nov 6, 2021

Boots on the Ground UK - Handlebar Jack Review

Andy Lunn of Boots one the Ground UK picked...
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