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Voyage - Meet Andy Wilkoff - Handlebar Jack

Voyage - Meet Andy Wilkoff

Andy, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
As a kid growing up in Ohio, I was always a Maker. This eventually led me to industrial design, which was my focus at the University of Cincinnati. This love of creating things, along with a passion for movies brought me to Los Angeles and segwayed into a 22+ year career in visual effects. A few years ago, I purchased an ebike so that I could commute to work, as cycling has also been a big passion of mine. It was a 22-mile daily round trip. The ebike allowed me to get to work and not get all grimey along the way. With a long ride, it’s important to be ready for anything, and having the right tools and items to repair a flat tire is key. Ebike repair is tricky, with all the equipment on the handlebars, and I needed a tool to protect the critical controls on my ride while performing a roadside repair. The problem solver kicked in like a lightbulb, and the Original Handlebar Jack™ was born. After several prototypes and some encouragement from friends and family, I launched an online business. One thing has since led to another, and the demand for our product has now led to mass production and global distribution for cycling enthusiasts everywhere. We’re excited to be rolling out new products later this year. It’s been a humbling experience. read more ...
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