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What’s in Your Toolkit? - Handlebar Jack

What’s in Your Toolkit?


I was commuting to work and regularly got a flat or had a minor maintenance problem with my ebike. It happens when your round trip is 24 miles a day. So, I had to learn how to do minor repairs on the road and I got pretty good at it. The Original Handlebar Jack™ was created because of a specific need for safe, roadside repairs without screwing up the screens on the handlebars, and frankly, it just made things so much easier. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything else out there for this and I’m so glad that our product has become an essential part of your toolkits, as well.  Over the last year, many have asked what else is in my bag of essentials, so here is a collection of my must-haves for the road…in no particular order.




    1. Backup Portable Hand pump. Enough said.
    2. CO2 Single Use Bike Pump. Inflate the tube in an emergency.
    3. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge. I check my tire pressure before every ride.  Because having the right tire pressure is one of the best ways to prevent a flat.
    4. Spare inner tube.
    5. Small screwdriver. Used to keep the rear hub tire in place.
    6. A #10 Wrench. This guy is used for tightening up my pedals.
    7. Specialty Rear Wheel Removal Tool.  This guy takes out bolts, allows the wire to pass.
    8. Tire Levers. These are used to remove and replace the inner tube.
    9. Allen Wrench Multitool. (See number 4). Does the stuff that the other one cannot and vice versa. 
    10. Multitool. This one came with my bike.  It lines up with most hardware but it’s still limited. There are some great products out there that take this to the next level.
    11. The Original Handlebar Jack™.  The foundation of my ability to use all these other things depends on me being able to safely and efficiently flip my bike over on the road.
    12. Flush Cutters.  These bad boys are used for cutting zip ties, for wiring the rear hub motor tire and for removing zip ties.
    13. Extra zip ties. Used to reattach the wiring.




I keep all of this in my Trunk Bag (see pic), organized inside another bag with lots of pouches so I can find things without too much digging around. You can use a standard roll up travel case that you can pick up online, just make sure it has lots of compartments and rolls up to easily put away. 

That’s all I got. I hope you find this useful and wish you safe and epic travels on the road.



Questions or comments? Hit us up on social media at the links below or drop us an email. We want to hear from you.

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