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About Furious Designs

Furious Designs is a family owned and operated business located in El Segundo, California.

While our primary goal is to provide our customers with a worry-free biking experience, our mission also includes giving back to our community.

Whether it's volunteering in person or partnering with a charity for a matching campaign, we are committed to regularly giving back to support those who are most vulnerable in our community to provide support.

Meet our founder, Andy Wilkoff

Dad. Entrepreneur. Avid commuter cyclist. VFX Supervisor. Garage innovator. Andy typically rode his electric bike to work several times a week through the streets of Los Angeles.

He created Handlebar Jack out of necessity, when he realized that he needed something to elevate the handlebars when he was working on his electric bike to keep it safely elevated without screwing up the control screen or throttle, while he was at home or while out on the road.

Thus, The Original Handlebar Jack™ was born. After working through several functional prototypes, Andy was ready to share his design with the world.

“Thank you for your support. I hope you find Handlebar Jack helpful for your bike maintenance and I look forward to hearing any feedback you might have.”


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