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The Original Handlebar Jack®

Our ultra-portable bike repair stand is the star of the show and where our brand first began. Celebrated for its convenience and innovation, this product is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

All you have to do to use our product is separate with a simple pull. Then the legs lock into position. Next secure the straps around the handlebars and flip your bike. Holds up to 300 pounds.

The Original Handlebar Jacks® are made in the USA, built tough and lightweight from injection molding using glass filled nylon and magnetically snaps together for easy storage.

Wholesale - $15.00 US*
MSRP - $29.95 US

The Saddle Jack

As the Handlebar Jack increased in popularity, so did the demand for a high-quality durable saddle cover. We went to work to create the best quality product for Summer 2022. We are proudly introducing

The Saddle Jack. Designed to protect your seat from scratches when turning over your bike to repair it on the go. The Saddle Jack features mil spec materials, that are durable and abrasion resistant material to keep your saddle safe.

The Saddle Jack is made with U.S.A. materials, assembled in Mexico.

The Saddle Jack is compatible with saddles that are up to 200 mm wide 280 mm long.

Wholesale - $14.95 US*
MSRP - $29.95 US

The Tool Pack

Introducing The Tool Pack, our top quality, durable and highly functional cycling bag, designed to fit on multiple spaces on the bike and can tuck neatly under the saddle.

Made from durable, high-grade nylon with lots of pockets, tabs and straps to keep your gear, The Tool Pack is compact but spacious, designed to hold all the essentials.

The center pocket is designed to securely store The Original Handlebar Jack® and The Saddle Jack, which are sold separately.

The Tool Pack is made with U.S.A. materials assembled in Mexico

Wholesale - $37.48 US*

MSRP - $74.95 US

The Original Handlebar Jack® - Extender

The Handlebar Jack Extenders increase the clearance of The Original Handlebar Jack® height of your jacks by 0.5 inches.

Useful for cyclists who have a lot of extra tall equipment such as mirrors that don’t swivel on their handlebars.

We debuted this product at Sea Otter 2021 to excited fans.

Wholesale - $6.45 US *
MSRP - 12.95 US

The Original Handlebar Jack® - Safety Stickers

The Handlebar Jack Extenders increase the clearance of The Original Handlebar Jack® height of your jacks by 0.5 inches.

Useful for cyclists who have a lot of extra tall equipment such as mirrors that don’t swivel on their handlebars.

We debuted this product at Sea Otter 2021 to excited fans.

Wholesale - $6.45 US *
MSRP - 12.95 US


Where are the Original Handlebar Jacks made?

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We are proud that our Jacks are made and assembled in the USA.

How do I place an order?

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Once your wholesale account is set up reach out to us at or 310.980.6661

What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

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Our minimum order quantity is 10 units. We can accommodate large orders in the hundreds as well.

What are the sales terms?

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Our sales representatives can get more specific but generally full payment is required when an order is placed.

For large orders the first 50% is due when the order is placed and second 50% when your order ships.

What is your lead time for shipping products?

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Most orders ship in about 2 weeks. Shipping times may vary based on available inventory and the quantity ordered. The advantage of the The Original Handlebar Jack® being made in the USA allows us to fulfill orders quickly.

Your sales representative can give you more specific answers.

The Handlebar Jacks is a great idea! Is it patented?

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The Original Handlebar Jacks are patent pending. Our application has been moving through the patent process for the last 3 years.

* The wholesale prices listed are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping or international duties.

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